Curriculum vitae

Francesco Baroni, the Italian organist and harpsichordist, was a student of Francesco Tasini for the organ and of Bob van Asperen for the harpsichord. He started performing as a soloist and continuo player at a very young age with the ensemble Il Dolcimelo, which he  founded in 1980. Since then he has collaborated with the most prestigious ensembles of early Italian music such as: Accademia Bizantina, Arte dell’Arco, Cappella della Pietà dei Turchini, Ensemble Aurora, Europa Galante and Venice Baroque Orchestra.

He has played at the most important early music festivals and in the most prestigious  concert halls in Europe and has made recordings for the record companies  Arion, Tactus, Naxos, Symphonia, Glossa, Brilliant, ORF and Sony as well as for radio and television.

In 1992 he founded the ensemble Compagnia de Musici, in order to gratify his passion for the seeking out and recovery of unpublished Italian Baroque music. The recordings by the new Italian ensemble of this repertoire, including works such as the Concerti da chiesa op.II (1729) by Andrea Zani, the oratorio by Francesco Antonio Pistocchi Il Martirio di S.Adriano (1692), and the instrumental music by Carlo Tessarini (1690-1766), have received numerous acknowledgements and prizes from international critics. In 2013 he conducted the oratorio Per la nascita del Redentore (1700) by Giovanni Lorenzo Lulier, personally attending to the modern edition and the recording.

He is Honorary Inspector of the Soprintendenza ai Beni Artistici e Storici di Parma e Piacenza (Department of Artistic and Historical Heritage of Parma and Piacenza) for the protection and  restoration of historical organs.

He teaches harpsichord and historical keyboard instruments at Parma Conservatory.




BB 012 - Prassi esecutiva e repertorio - Clavicembalo

BC 009 - Pratica del basso continuo


COMA 15 01 - Clavicembalo e tastiere storiche - Prassi esecutive e repertori

COMA 15 02 - Clavicembalo e tastiere storiche - Prassi esecutive e repertori (pratica strumentale)

COMA 15 03 - Clavicembalo e tastiere storiche - Pratica del basso continuo agli strumenti

COTP 05 01 - Teoria e prassi del basso continuo - Prassi esecutive e repertori del basso continuo

COTP 05 02 - Teoria e prassi del basso continuo - Letteratura del basso continuo

COTP 05 03 - Teoria e prassi del basso continuo - Tecniche di lettura estemporanea e trasporto

COTP 05 04 - Teoria e prassi del basso continuo - Pratica e ripetizione del repertorio del canto rinascimentale e barocco

CODI 50 01 - Strumento (per Composizione) - Prassi esecutive e repertori (pratica strumentale)

Corsi preaccademici