Activated postgraduate specialization courses - 2019-20


The 1st (EQF 7) and 2nd (EQF 8) Level Postgraduate Specialization Courses of the Conservatorio "A. Boito" are annual or multiannual courses, that mainly respond to the cultural needs of deepening and specialization of graduates musicians, in a perspective of high professionalism to approach the labour market in the music field.

The high level of specialization offered in the courses presents elements that involve both the instrumental technique and the psychic, emotional, creative and behavioral skills of the musician, and furthermore the deepening of new technologies and new musical languages, and the scientific, historical, analytical and cultural compentences.

The qualifying point of these paths is both the presence of teachers with relevant national and international career, and the stages and internships in cooperation with prestigious partners and institutions on the professional scene.

Authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), the 1st and 2nd Level Postgraduate Specialization Courses are the only ones to issue a qualification of legal value, also recognized outside the national territory: the 1-year courses issue 60 ECTS, the 2-years ones  120 ECTS.

Head of the Postgraduate Specialization Courses Office at the Conservatorio of Parma is prof. Roberta Faroldi


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