If you are a student or a prospective student at the Conservatorio Arrigo Boito you can access our counseling services.

Counseling represents a reference point in helping students with the organization of their studies, allowing them to become pro-active in their formative process while keeping them informed on everything pertaining to their educational path.

Counsellor oversees the relationship between students and teachers, with the goal being  the positive and gratifying attendance to classes and the promoting of activities that meet the needs and attitudes of each individual student.

Counsellor takes care of writing, optimizing and editing Study Plans for undergraduate and graduate students.

Counseling at Conservatorio Arrigo Boito is headed by Fabio Ferrucci.

Students are received at Conservatorio or via telephone/Zoom by appointment only. To set up an appointment please email your request to: tutor@conservatorio.pr.it

Counseling services will be suspended from 12/27/2023 to 1/12/2024 for the Christmas break.