Singing in a choir is one of the most immediate and involving musical experiences: your body begins to vibrate and comes into harmony with others. Thanks to singing uncertainties are overcome, you create a feeling of team, acquire musical skills and have fun too.
Conservatorio Arrigo Boito promotes Boys' choir activity in order to enjoy music through a careful and innovative teaching. Children will learn rhythmic and melodic reading, monodic and poliphonic pieces as well.
To enroll, you need to take an easy aptitude test, scheduled on September 21th and 22th 2017 at 5.30pm. The aptitude tests will end by 7pm and you'll have to take just one (21th or 22th).
Boys' choir will will be held by Ilaria Poldi.

BOYS' CHOIR A.A. 2017-18

Who: primary and 1st grade secondary school pupils
How much: you'll have to pay a € 120 annual fee
How: application form is available at our Secretariat. The application must be submitted by a parent and handed or delivered to our Secretariat.

Application form may be handed to our Secretariat or delivered to:
Secretariat office hours and emails
For further information you can get in touch with Ilaria Poldi, Boys' choir conductor:
or with our counseling services: