Remedial courses, requirements and deadlines

Admission to Level I (Triennio) programs


To be admitted to Level I (Triennio) programs, candidates must take the following qualifying examinations (prove di idoneità):

- Theory, Rhythmics and Music Perception (TRPM)

- Theory and Techniques of Harmony (excluding Jazz and Pop-Rock programs)

For foreign students:

- Italian language

In case of absence from any of the fundamental subjects exams, the candidate will receive a formative debt in the respective subject. In case of absence from the Italian language test, the candidate will be excluded from the list of admissible candidates.

For Level I (Triennio) programs, the TRPM course and the Theory of Harmony and Analysis course can only be attended by students once any formative debts have been addressed and fulfilled. Additionally, the required cultural subjects can only be attended by students once the Italian language formative debt has been addressed and fulfilled.

For Level I (Triennio) programs, all formative debts must be fulfilled by September 30 of the FIRST year of admission and attendance at the latest. Failure to pass any of the remedial exams leads to the loss of student status (decadenza). Absence from any of the remedial exams also leads to the loss of student status.


For candidates who obtained a Pre-academic certificate (Certificazione finale pre-accademica) in one or more Fundamental subjects (or equivalent/equipollent title from the previous Conservatory system) from an Italian Conservatory, an Istituto musicale pareggiato, or from an approved EU Institution, the exam will only cover the subjects for which the candidate has not provided a certificate.

As for certificates released by non-EU Institutions, the candidate must provide the appropriate documentation in the original language, accompanied by a legal translation into Italian, which must also indicate the program studied for each discipline. The documentation must be sent to the Student Office (Segreteria Didattica) by April 30, 2024, and, if approved, it will allow the exemption from one or more Fundamental subjects in the exam.


For additional assistance, candidates can make use of our tutor service. The tutor’s contact details and office hours information can be found on the Tutor page.




1. melodic dictation: candidates will hear short recorded melodies and they must transcribe the requested elements
2. recognition of triads and intervals (harmonic and/or melodic) performed on the piano
3. rhythmic sight-reading exercise
4. sight-singing exercise (of a written piece)

Candidates who obtained a “Licenza di Teoria e Solfeggio” for instrumentalists under the previous Conservatory system are exempt.


All candidates (excluding candidates to be admitted to Jazz and Pop/Rock programs, who are not required to take this exam)
Written exam: Basso senza numeri con modulazioni facile ai toni vicini (utilizzo di triadi e di settima di dominate)

Candidates who obtained a “Licenza biennale di Cultura musicale generale” (previous Conservatory system), “Compimento medio di Organo e composizione organistica”, or “Compimento inferiore di Composizione” (previous Conservatory system) are exempt.