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Singing and music theatre Singing, Stagecraft, Piano accompaniment. Lelio Capilupi Nicola Mottaran
New technologies and music languages Acoustics, Pop bass, Jazz drums, Pop drums, Jazz singing, Pop singing, Jazz guitar, Pop guitar, Composition for visual media, Jazz composition, Jazz double-bass, Electroacoustics, Music informatics, Jazz ensemble, Pop ensemble, Jazz piano, Jazz sax, Pop keyboards, Music improvisation techniques Roberto Bonati
Wind instruments Basso tuba, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Flute, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone. Massimo Ferraguti
Keyboard instruments Accordion, Organ, Organ and gregorian chant, Piano, Piano practice and sight reading. Guido Scano  Alberto Miodini
String instruments Harp, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double-bass. Michele Ballarini
Composition and conducting Composition, Orchestration and composition for wind orchestra, Conducting, Wind orchestra conducting, Score playing, Luca Tessadrelli Davide Carmarino
Theoretical, historical and musicological subjects History of music, Musicology, Musical bibliography, Italian language and literature, EU language, Poetry for music and dramaturgy, Music performing law and right, Theory rhythm and music perception, Harmony and analysis, History of jazz, History of electroacoustic music Fabio Ferrucci
Ensemble/Chamber music Chamber music, String ensemble, Wind ensemble, Choral practice, Orchestra practice, Percussion instruments, Vocal chamber music. Giulio Giurato
Didactics Body awareness and expression techniques, Fundamentals of composition for music education, History of music for music education, Vocal and piano sight, Pedaghogy of music for music education, Choir conducting and choral repertoire for music education, Ensemble for music education.
Ancient music Renaissance and baroque singing, Harpsichord and historical keyboards, Traversiere, Lute, Consort, Baroque and classical oboe, Basso continuo: theory and praxis, Viola da gamba, Baroque violin,

Pop = Jazz with popular music specialisation