Saxophone player and contemporary chamber music teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón. Sponsored by SELMER saxophones.

Musician, saxophone player, a reference on the country: "music comes alive in her personality, full of unlimited energy"

"Fantastic, amazing, when you play you are able to make yours every single musical phrase, you are inside of the music; every movement and gesutre is pure expression and naturalness".

György Kurtág

"A project intended to reflect the timelessness and universality of the most humane and alive artistic expression: music through the interpretation and diffusion of contemporary music."

Xelo plays like a soloist in different countries like Japan, Switzerland, England, Canada, France, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, China, Hungary and Spain.

The investigation and interpretation of contemporary music and the election of its repertoire about great composers will strongly influence her musical career, like her close relationship and work with György Kurtág. It is remarkable the premieres she played in Spain from the following composers:

I. Xenakis, A. Curran, M. Sotelo, B. Furrer, H. Lanchenman, F. Guerrero, S. Steen Andersen, E. Poppe, S. Gubaidulina, G. Kurtag and G. Scelsi. Her repertoire includes works by G. Grisey, T. Hosokawa, J. Cage, M. Lindberg, I. Malec, G. Aperguis, K. Stockhausen, J.M Lopez, J. M Sanchez-Verdú, L. Berio, H. Parra, among others. She has also played the world premiere of more than sixty pieces, including music for solo saxophone, saxophone and electronics and saxophone in chamber music.

She is foundig member of Ensemble d´Arts, Ánemos, Equilater Ensemble, Cseallox, "Sound textures", with the sculptor Beatriz Carbonell and "Sonodualis" .

She is principal saxophone at the Orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana leaded by Zubin Mehta. She also has collaborated with the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Spain, Orchestre National de Bordeaux, Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Navarra Symphony Orchestra, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra and Valencia Symphony Orchestra. She was a member of the World Youth Wind Orchestra and principal saxophone at the Banda Municipal de Barcelona.

She has recorded two solo CD´s.