The strategic partnership Eramus+ VOXearlyMUS 2015-18 aims to improve the quality and relevance of higher music education through creating a joint master program on vocal early music small ensembles, at the excellency level.

VOXearlyMUS Partner institutions:

• National University of Music Bucharest - coordinator (Romania)
• AEC Association of European Conservatories (Belgium)
• Conservatorio di Musica Arrigo Boito, Parma (Italy)
• Conservatorio di Musica Arrigo Pedrollo, Vicenza (Italy)
• FIMA Fondazione Italiana per la Musica Antica - Roma (Italy)
• Joseph Haydn Konservatorium, Eisenstadt (Austria)
• Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (The Netherlands)
• National Choir Association, Bucharest (Romania)

Under this frame, prestigious teachers, students and professionals from European conservatories and potential employment institutions will gather in order to exchange good practices on innovative methods and approaches in teaching, learning, assessing and performing vocal early music, taking into account four important dimensions: internationalization, vocal pedagogy, artistic performance and professional integration.

VOXearlyMUS addresses both direct and indirect beneficiaries - as target groups.
More than 90 students - from 5 European conservatories - who have the skills, knowledge and a special interest in approaching and understanding vocal early music - will benefit of the intellectual outcomes of the transnational thematic meetings and will test the innovative teaching methods put in act during the 3 Intensive Programs (2016 Bucharest, 2017 Parma and Festival della Musica Antica - Urbino, 2018 Den Haag).
36 teachers from 5 European conservatories - who have a well-known expertise in the early music field - will be involved in the transnational thematic meetings and in the Intensive Programs - as the main activities of the project, elaborating 2 intellectual outputs: “Curriculum Design and Development Handbook on Vocal Early Music Small Ensembles” and "VOXearlyMUS Mastering Excellence", an electronic didactic support.

The project’s tasks and responsibilities will be evenly distributed among the partners. Every institution will play an active role in the activities carried out by the project and in the intellectual outputs' successful realization.

The newly formed consortium on vocal early music pedagogy will continue to provide expert teachers and students in order to make functional the joint master program. Based on the principles and the intellectual outputs, this master program will ensure a clear and formalized structure, internationally-oriented towards the students and the employment market.

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