If you want to become a student of ours, you'll have to take an entrance exam, after which a ranking list of eligible candidates will be drawn up.

Enrollment will follow the order of the ranking list, depending on availability for each Course.

Entrance exams will take place in September 2018.


Admission requests must be filed exclusively online between May 1st to July 18th 2018.

On our YouTube channel you can watch the video guide showing the application process.

If you want to file your admission request please go to our  STUDENTS WEB SERVICES PAGE.

ADMISSION FEES: enrolling the entrance examination requests a € 6,04 fee.

You can enroll for a maximum of three courses: if you wish to entroll for more than one, you should:

  1. repeat the entire on-line application process for each of them
  2. pay the admission fee just once (even if you enroll for two or three courses)


Extra-EU students NOT LIVING in Italy need to refer to the Italian Embassy or Consular office for application procedures.

For more info please visit:


All entrance exams will take place from 3 to 15 September 2018. A detailed schedule will be published on this website here by August 20th.

Entrance exam for Preacademic Courses is articulated in an aptitude test and a main subject audition. Furthermore, foreign students need to take an Italian language B1 exam.

Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th, September 2018: APTITUDE TEST (aural skills and movement coordination test). Detailed schedule will be available here by August 20th.

Candidates with final preacademic certification in Teoria, Lettura, EarTraining or Teoria e Solfeggio certification (traditional courses) are exempt. Candidates with similar certifications issued by foreign institutions must provide appropriate documentation by August 24th to:

From Wednesday 5th to Thursday 13th, September 2018: MAIN SUBJECT AUDITION (instrumental or vocal)

The main subject audition program is free; the Commission may decide to hear the whole program or a part thereof.

Wind instruments: presenting an audition program is not mandatory.

Commission may suggest the opportunity to take the audition in an instrument in addition to those chosen by the candidate.  Details for this further call will be published on our website.

Finally, we would remind you that entrance exams, as well as lessons, take place without the presence of parents, or other people. It is allowed the mere presence of your own instrumental accompanist.

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th, September 2018: ITALIAN LANGUAGE (B1) EXAM

Friday 14th 9,30am - written test

Friday 14th, in the afternoon - written test results will be online, in the Latest news section

Saturday 15th 9,30 - individual oral exams (