Dear graduating student
I am not aware of the nature of the academic experience you have had which is about to conclude, but I know that from Your experience, (and from that of all who have completed their studies) it is possible to acquire elements useful in improving our Institution and facilitating your professional pursuits in both Italy and Europe. This dual aim has prompted our institution to become a part of the AlmaLaurea consortium, which has been positively operating since 1994.

The AlmaLaurea database has been built through the collection of relevant data gathered  from an online survey which I encourage you to complete with the utmost honesty. Once completed, please bring the survey’s receipt of submission to the Administration Office (Segreteria) before your graduation: I would like to remind you that the information gathered from your survey will only be used after your studies have been completed and that your data will be handled with respect regarding your privacy.

As mentioned above, one of the goals that we have set out to reach through our cooperation with Almalaurea is that of facilitating your access to professional work. Accordingly, your data will be entered in the consortium’s database and made available to the enterprises that will request them and, if you wish, you can choose to make your data available while studying at the Conservatorio before graduation. As many other services will become available to you it is in your best interest to keep your resume updated.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,
The Director
M° Roberto Cappello

Letter from the Director
AlmaLaurea, 18 years of service
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